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What is Asphalt Plant?

Asphalt Plant is a facility in which the aggregate, categorized by hot bitumen into different sizes, is mixed with a mixer and prepared to be installed. According to the way of usage, it can be built as a mobile asphalt plant or stationary asphalt plant. The purpose of the asphalt plant is to produce high-quality bitumen and hot bituminous mixtures to be used on high-quality roads, in a high capacity facility.

Stationary Asphalt Plant

As a stationary facility, it is generally built on living spaces and areas that are in need of repair. Asphalt Plant changes according to the usage and location. For long term use, you need to use the stationary asphalt plant. Stationary Asphalt Plants are highly preferred by urban engineers and municipalities. It produces high-quality asphalt for the areas that will be created in long-terms. 

Mobile Asphalt Plant

On the other hand, a mobile asphalt plant is easier than a stationary asphalt plant to use as it can be moved. Mobile Asphalt Plants are generally used for short-term, seasonal or annual road construction or repair. It’s most remarkable aspect is mobility. For this reason, Mobile Asphalt Plants are more preferred than Stationary Asphalt Plants. 

The most important points in Asphalt Plants:​

Training: One of the most important points in the Asphalt Plant is training. With the right training, the safety of the workers and the quality of the work increase. Therefore, as E-MAK, we not only provide the product but also the right training to our customers. We give an inclusive training to the operators. And, at the end of the training, we provide a certificate to them.  

Transportation, Installation, and Maintenance: When purchasing an asphalt plant facility, one of the important points is transportation. Transportation should be done regularly and according to international standards. It is also important to adapt to international standards for installation and maintenance.  

Terms and Conditions: The resistance of Asphalt Plant under every condition and being high end are important aspects to take consideration. Besides, the easy use of the asphalt plant and more importantly it’s eco-friendly aspect are highly noticeable. 

Competitive Edges and Advantages of Asphalt Plant, by E-MAK 

We, E-MAK, truly believe that training on Asphalt plant and other subjects is really important. We provide training about asphalt plants to our clients, periodically. We especially train our operators and issue a certificate.  

We provide products and services in fields such as transportation, installation, and maintenance with international quality standards. E-MAK’s asphalt plant facilities are high-quality and durable. Most especially, this asphalt plant, due to its modular structures, provides a competitive edge in terms of maintenance, transportation, and installation. The products increase productivity presenting different and innovative work solutions for road construction and maintenance projects.

With easy set-up and technological remote control systems, E-MAK asphalt plant ensures high performance in terms of productivity and rapidity. E-MAK is always with its clients before, during and after purchasing.

Technical Support

We are here for our clients even after selling the Asphalt Plant. Therefore, our technical support provides a quality service to our clients. You can reach us 7/24 about issues such as technical information and consultancy, emergency consultancy line, on-site assembly and dismantling, commissioning, general maintenance, altering, repairing, revision and periodic maintenance. We are there for our customers at any time and in any condition with our remote or on-site service.

Environmental Policy

Thanks to Megaton, E-MAK asphalt plants are less dust emitted to the environment. Also, we reduce noise pollution to the minimum. With the periodic training given to our employees, we reduce the damage to the environment to the minimum. 


E-MAK Asphalt Plants have the certificates of EAC Certification Declaration, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.