Occupational Health and Safety Policy

E-MAK A.Ş. considers human to be the most valuable asset and creates a safer and healthier working environment and minimizes any losses that may occur in all its activities. The success of working conditions and the management of occupational safety is individually and socially safe. Everyone is responsible for ensuring their own safety by using the necessary work equipment, complying with the rules and contributing to the prevention of risks. Being healthy and physical security is the natural right of our employees. Security is a behavior. We should adopt safe behavior as a way of life in both our company and outside our lives and apply it in every aspect of life.

E-MAK A.Ş. sees employee health as a necessity of social responsibility and work efficiency. By applying Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, the system is reviewed periodically and the performance is monitored.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

For this purpose;

  • Comply with all local laws, regulations and standards related to ISG,
  • To evaluate all risks in work diseases during the design phase of new projects and processes and to take protective measures,
  • To target zero workplace accidents and work diseases, with priority to eliminate the hazards at the source with the participation of all employees,
  • Developing systems to minimize our losses in any accident or emergency that may occur during our operations,
  • To train our employees and subcontractors for continuous improvement, to encourage them to be fit and healthy.