E-MAK is the newest and most dynamic member of the Simge Group that was founded in 1977. At the outset E-MAK was established to manufacture machinery required by Simge Group Companies, in particular for asphalt production and its applications. In a short period of time E-MAK developed its own genuine technology and became a well-known brand. E-MAK’s new concepts and innovative productions are firstly tested and developed within Simge Group’s companies’ facilities under actual operation conditions then presented to the sector. This special advantage is the resource for many new inventions and designs.


E-MAK is always working with the goal to exceed clients’ expectations with a wide range of products from simple and transportable asphalt plants to fully integrated metropolitan road construction materials production factories; and to this end it never strays from its path but remains meticulous in its approach and staunch in its belief.

Laying on internal and external reliable information in all our processes and improvement plans. Focusing on results, controlling variables, assigning real goals based on data. Creating rational management approach to encourage labor Creating new and lasting values and making add value with all our other partners.

By understanding all our activities and relations between them, by managing in systematic way, by creating permanent superiority to our brand, designs and patents, and by working productively and efficiently we create the most competitive expense value.

Starting from today, using our and if necessary others knowledge and experiences we are planning and managing our future.