Learn how asphalt plants work and understand the key processes involved in producing high-quality asphalt mixtures.

Looking for high-quality asphalt plants? Discover our range of innovative and efficient asphalt plants designed to meet your production needs.

Recycling units are produced in certain sizes and aspects which are determined for our customers' orders.

In asphalt plants, the aggregate must be heated to a temperature of approximately 160°C to ensure a good and homogeneous mixture.

The mixer provides high quality homogeneous mixture, high temperature and abrasion resistance.

Filler is one of the important raw materials that determines the quality of asphalt and is used as void space filler.

With our Bitumen Processing Equipment facilities, E-MAK provides various products at different capacities to stock, mix and transport bitumen.

PMT base materials are prepared by mixing at least three different types of aggregates with a certain proportion of water in the mechanical plant.

We help you to change spare parts of your asphalt plants, whichever brand they are, to integrate new technologies, and to transport them. In short, retrofitting means to add new technology or features to old systems.

Asphalt Plant is a facility in which the aggregate, categorized by hot bitumen into different sizes, is mixed with a mixer and prepared to be installed.