Bitumen emulsion plants “E-MAK EMULSION” are suitable for 4-15 ton/hour capacity.
E-MAK, the leader brand of Turkey, is domestic and national. All equipment used in E-MAK EMULSION series bitumen emulsion production facilities are selected to provide long-lasting and high efficiency and are environmentally friendly and economical.


> Solution preparation (SAE) tank made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

> A mixer made of stainless steel that prepares water, acid, and emulsifier homogeneously.

> Pool system to avoid any inert mixture (balance).

> Circular rotating system for cleaning the tank.

> Analog and digital temperature measurement systems, level measurement systems.

> Frequency controlled electrically heated colloid mill that can provide 0.2 - 0.6 mm grain size.

> Lobe type solution with a stainless steel body in the desired flow and homogeneous mixture.

> Eccentric type acid and emulsifier pumps with pump, resistant to corrosion and hydraulic acid, capable of suction and filling at the same time.

> Acid-resistant actuator valves, solution and bitumen flow meters, temperature, level, and flow rate values that can be viewed on a mimic diagram.

> Optional pH meter, Optional 2 X 10 tons electrically heated vertical emulsion stock tanks.

> Possibility of easy transportation and installation to any desired location with the electrically heated system.