E-MAK dryers provide efficient aggregate drying and heating due to the specially designed angled shelves within the dryer with optimum heat transfer surface and minimum fuel consumption. The body and drive rings are held together with no welding (using bolts only) this avoids defects due to high and sudden temperature changes. The dryer is manufactured by material durable to wear and heat resistant. Dryer rings and rollers are made of special and long lasting forged steel


> Outer body is insulated with rock wool and stainless steel according to climate conditions

> Durable to heat expansion and easy to change compensation springs are fixed without welding

> Effective heating and drying of aggregate due to contact with hot air and hot surface with longer burner flame

> Pre combustion chamber protects inner dryer surface from direct contact with burner flame

> Vacuum control system and special wing design to regulate exhaust gaseous

> Soft starter or inverter in driving system to restart even if the plant is loaded

> Forged steel rings and rollers

> Burners with different fuel alternatives

> Automatically adjustable burner according to aggregate moisture content and quantity