E-MAK, which is the sub-company of Simge Group and attracts the attention of world brands with the asphalt paver technology they developed, stood out with their newest and hi-tech products at the world’s one of the biggest fairs, BAUMA 2016, a construction machinery trade fair which is held in Munich. E-MAK’s 32-meter-high integrated asphalt production plants that weigh 600 tons with a recycling system, which were carried with 60 TIRs, were the center of attention at the fair. Nezir GENCER, the CEO of Simge Group, said that they had taken part at the world’s biggest construction machinery trade fair for the 5th time, the interests for their products had increased and they made a difference with their technological innovations. Gencer stated that in Bauma, they saw themselves as athletes who competed in the Olympics, and added “We compete here with the biggest firms of the world. We have been striving to become the pride of Turkey for years and I can easily say that we succeed in it. With our manpower, infrastructure, and technology, we compete with the world’s leading brands. We have become a brand which is followed. In the market, we are now among the top 3 companies in the world.” Gencer remarked that the fair had been really useful and added “Our customers with whom we came together at this fair gave us hope with their compliments. This is because not only of the technology we developed but also of devotion and sincerity of our service department which is in the service of our customers for 24 hours.”

‘Germans perceive the firms who import technology as a betrayal to their country.’

Gencer stated that, in 2010, when they were about to export to Germany for the first time, the agreement was precluded for an unknown reason, and he added “The preclusion of the agreement disappointed us. After a while, an outstanding contractor in Germany said, “I was said that if I import this plant from Turkey I would betray Germany. Exportation is vital for Germany. I was accused of damaging something this vital by importing this plant from Turkey. I regret to inform you that I can’t do business with you even though your price and product is good.” We were shocked when we heard that. Then we understood why Germany is that successful and we respected them. We understood that only by having a national consciousness, globally known brands can come to existence. I hope that this kind of consciousness can be achieved in Turkey in a short time too. Real nationalism and patriotism arise from believing in and supporting your country’s producer. The rest is history. We always believe in and trust our country. As E-MAK, we stand by contractors who accomplished a lot in different places both in Turkey and the world. I want to give a shout out to them. Please believe in your country too.”


“Export price per kilogram is 7 dollars.”


Gencer stated that the added value of asphalt paver and road machinery sector is high and it is a promising sector. He said, “This sector progresses really slowly. It is like a plane lifting its nose. After it lifts its nose, the takeoff will be much quicker. European countries are tired and they can’t manufacture. Turkey is extremely advantageous in terms of its location. We have a huge opportunity. It would be useful for sub-industry too. It is a sector which can provide added-value to our country. Profitability arises from design and creating the idea. No one offers us subcontracting by saying ‘produce this’ or ‘assemble this.’ All of our designs, productions, and strategies belong to us. So, our export price per kilogram is 7 dollars. We bring both foreign currency and prestige to our country. Because we are creating a brand.”

Gencer said that as E-MAK, they produce 50 asphalt plants annually with 95% locality ratio, and with the technological superiority they have reached, they take a share more and more from the market every day. He said, “Domestic product usage in the domestic market continues to rise. We compete with foreign producers. But we continue to stand up and grow our market.”


“They give the plants which aren’t sold in Europe to Turkey”


Gencer claimed that there is no law in Turkey which entirely protects the domestic product, he cited Europe and said, “The thing that sustains the European industry is industry nationalism. They determine such criteria that importation would become impossible. But they are free trade countries by law. We also carry out positive efforts to support the domestic producer. But import lobby works too. They sell sub-standard, sloppy machinery, which is unrecognized in their country, to Turkey under the name of a European brand. The main task falls to bureaucrats and politicians. We believe that they will make the right decision and we trust them.”


“50% Energy Savings in Asphalt Manufacturing”


Nezir Gencer stated that they succeed in record-high energy saving in energy usage in the asphalt plants they produce, and also the oscillation of sulfur dioxide and dust decreased. He added, “With our patented technology Simge Challenger, we reduced the energy used by Europeans to produce, on average, a ton of asphalt in half. Also, with the new isolated bitumen tanks we designed, we reduced the cost of energy used for preparing bitumen of 1 ton of asphalt 25%. There are similar examples in the world but we took it one step forward.”

Gencer stated that they spent 1.5 million Euro for Bauma Fair and added, “As E-MAK, we care about this fair a lot. Bauma is a fair which is the symbol of continuity. We came to an area of 1500 square meters from an area of 500 square meters. We can call this place as the Olympics of brands. Being here shows where your country is.” Gencer, also said that in addition to the domestic market, they export to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Russia, and Turkic Republics as well.

E-MAK’s booth was visited by a lot of guests, primarily by Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Münir Karaloğlu, the Governor of Bursa, Bülent Turan, Member of Parliament from Çanakkale, Hüseyin Şahin, Member of Parliament from Bursa, İsmail Ertuğrul, Member of the European Parliament, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman İbrahim Burkay and Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Seyfettin Avşar.