As E-Mak, we believe that customer satisfaction is based not only on employees but also on a business culture. This idea constitutes the strategy of our company. We equally give great value to all our customers and provide superior service quality to each of them. We work customer-oriented, make our related plans rigorously, and use our resources effectively.

The mixer provides high quality homogeneous mixture, high temperature and abrasion resistance. E-Mak mixers are designed to efficiently mix the filler, bitumen, additives (powder, liquid, package etc.) and RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) according to the production capacity and the type of mixture. 


  • 750-5000 kg mixing capacity
  • Bitumen injection system 
  • Wear resistant mixing arms and pedals mounted on synchronized twin shaft
  • Heating with hot oil jacketed valves
  • Minimum maintenance 
  • Soft start drive system 
  • Patented arm and pedal design to obtain homogenous mixture 
  • Bitumen pouring system for mastic asphalt and special design heat-resistant and bearings for mastic asphalt

We believe that human and nature are equally indispensable for life. Respecting the nature is one of the major values of our company. While we provide a safe working environment for our employees, we make sure that all of our products are nature friendly. Moreover, as E-Mak we believe that education is very important. Besides 24 hours and 7 days technical support and consultancy, we provide a training support to our customers on this issue as well.