Hot Mix Bunkers

As a member of Simge Group which operates since 1977, E-MAK is one of Turkey's leading companies in the sector. E-Mak is a 100% domestic and national company.

There are discharge lids in the form of truncated cone or truncated pyramid on the base of the silos to discharge the ready asphalt stored in the silos. These lids are called ready-made asphalt bunkers. They are also called bulk material storage.

The height of a bunker depends on whether it is a vertical walled part and a funnel that are not much higher than their width or just a column standing on other columns. Materials such as mineral products, cement, clay, limestone, coal, sand and stone are stored in bunkers mostly.  
Bunkers can be designed in different shapes such as circle, rectangle or square. Rectangular shaped bunkers have more material discharge space, while circle shaped ones have only one discharge space. Storage of the materials required for asphalt production is of great importance in ready-made asphalt production. Especially in great projects, storage is absolutely necessary to keep things running fast.

Storage of the aggregate, which is in fact critical in the quality of asphalt, is a very delicate issue.

Aggregates are kept in the bunkers which are located at the front part of the plant. During the production, they are transferred from here to the mixer by means of a conveyor belt.
The number of compartments in the bunker may differ depending on the type of the aggregate to be used in asphalt production. The aggregates are sent from the bunkers to the chamber where the asphalt production will be made by means of the covers that are portable and located at the bottom of the compartments.
If you want, you can close the bottom, top and sides of the bunkers. Thus, the material is not affected by weather conditions and spreading of dust to the environment is also prevented. Covers controlled by the automation system make the bunkers easy to use. Bunkers made of high quality materials are manufactured to endure hard weather conditions. Ready-made asphalt bunkers in asphalt plants are used to stock the material at the construction site.
To decide where to locate the bunkers engineers should be consulted. Choosing the most suitable location in order to deliver the material to the machines faster and simpler will save the time.

Bunkers can store 25 - 400 tons of asphalt in capacity. Thanks to their high quality and durable materials they do not deform easily, and they ensure the best storage of the material inside. They are usually located closer to the conveyor belts to accelerate the transfer of the material.

Companies should carefully select the appropriate bunker size that will meet their production capacity. Ready asphalt bunkers can be manufactured as three, four or five compartments, providing the opportunity to store different types of asphalt.

Being full automatic, asphalt bunkers are time saving. Their assembly and disassembly are also very easy. They are generally made of steel construction material. Bunkers, which can be prismatic or cylindrical, are used to provide smooth flow or regulation between sieve capacities.

Bunkers can be installed on the desired location rapidly. 
E-MAK produces ready-made asphalt bunkers that meet the European Standards


  • Manufactured according to required capacity with insulation and heating
  • Optionally able to stock different types of asphalt with wagon type or under mixer type systems
  • Possibility to stock asphalt from 25 tons up to 400 tons
  • Asphalt quantity measurement via continuous level indicator or loadcells
  • Maximum level warning system
  • Infrared heat sensor monitoring asphalt temperature loaded on truck
  • Automatic spraying system to prevent asphalt sticking to vehicle
  • Optimum heat insulation according to environmental conditions
  • Designed for easy transport
  • Electrically heated bunker discharge lids