Filtering System

Turkey’s leading company E-MAK is a 100% domestic and national company. We offer the best quality products and services to our customers in asphalt plant industry. Our customers get full training when they purchase an asphalt plant. The machine operators are given a certificate after the training.

Performance of filtration systems in our asphalt plants meet the standards of EU Air Pollution Control Regulation Limits.

Filtration units are the units that make asphalt plants environmentally friendly. E-MAK dry type filter systems prevent air pollution by separating the dust and the gas generated during asphalt production. The aggregate dust is collected, so the spread of it to the environment is prevented. 

Filters used in filtration system ensure that the flame formed in the dryer is produced in a healthy way. Getting the aggregate to the desired temperature is very important during this process. Since the filler material is used as a binder in the asphalt, it is either transferred to the filler silo or to the tower floor by means of a bucket elevator.


  • 250-1.100m2 filtering surface area
  • Pre-separation unit 
  • Temperature measurement at filter inlet and outlet
  • Vertical cartridge filter bags 
  • 18.000 - 75.000Nm3/h air suction flow rate
  • Automatic vacuum regulator
  • Optimum heat insulation and fan power according to environmental conditions
  • Low dust emission levels
  • Automatic burner shutdown in case of overheating
  • Dust sealed design
  • Easy replacement of cartridge filter bags
  • Bags are cleaned with reverse-air system
  • Energy saving with fan inverter
  • Fuel saving in the dryer with automatic vacuum regulator
  • Optional, heating and intensive insulation in the lower body with electrical resistance 

Filtration System in Asphalt Plants

The exhaust fan is controlled by a soft starter. Thus, depending on the need, the motor may run fast or slow. This is how energy savings is achieved in asphalt plants. 

Waste dust or waste gas must be filtered according to their type, and their physical/ chemical properties. The appropriate filter size and type is selected analyzing the main criteria. The filtering system is designed after the data analysis. In a completely dry environment, filters with the filter elements obtained by needling method are made ready to start the process of filtration. 

Dust accumulating on the outer surface of filter bags during filtration over time is cleaned by compressed air effortlessly. Due to the vacuum effect created by the fan, dusty gas passes through the pipes and enter the upper part of the bunker via the entrance hood. Before coming to the filter bags it is dispersed into the bunker. In the meantime, the dust layer accumulating on the filter bag surface helps to filter.

Filtered gases pass through the inner surface of the filter bag and accumulate in the clean gas cell located at the top. Clean gas reaches the atmosphere through the ventilator chimney passing through the outlet pipe. Cleaning of the dust layer that accumulates outside the filter bags over time is carried out by means of compressed air. Dust discharged from the bags is unloaded from the lower bunker of the filter by means a rotary valve (airlock) and a screw conveyor.

During the cleaning process of the filter bags, compressed air effect is created with short air pulses. These air blows vibrate the filter bag and therefore the dust on the bag surface is spilled. As the compressed air dispersed inside the bag inflates the bag, the air trying to go out from the inner surface to the outer surface opens the pores of the bag and discharges the dust.

Flattening of the bags due to the effect of the vacuum inside the filter body is prevented by a cage. Wire cages are mostly electrogalvanized. The installation of the bags is done from the top after the filter top cover is opened.

Technical support is one of the most important issues in asphalt plants, and as E-MAK we offer an excellent service to our customers in this regard. We have a technical support team that you can reach 24/7 for any kind of technical issues from assembly/ disassembly to general maintenance, from emergency calls to repairs, modification, periodic maintenance and revision. You can request on-site or remote assistance from E-MAK technical support team for any problem you are experiencing