Filler System

Compact design provides contunious & problem-free feeding

  • Provides usage of filler collected in the filter unit and externally supplied mineral filler together or separately in asphalt production.
  • Provides transfer of unusable filler produced during aggregate drying process that is collected in filter unit to surplus dust storage silos.
  • A unique system for handling (adding to asphalt) externally supplied mineral filler. In this system a small (watering) mixer is used to discharge filler to trucks. Dust is eliminated and environmental impact does not occur.


Filler System Gallery Image
  1. Filter
  2. Foreign Filler Silo
  3. Filler Elevator
  4. Air Shock Pads
  5. Silobas Filling Pipes
  6. Continuous Level Sensor
  7. Filler Service Silo
  8. Max. Level Sensor
  9. Min. Level Sensor
  10. Filler Weighing Unit
  11. Filler Storage Silo
  12. Discharge Pipe
  13. Vibrating Motor
  14. Filler Discharge Lid
  15. Screw Type Conveyors
  16. Filler Discharge with Watering System
  17. Surplus Dust Silo
  18. Surplus Dust Elevator