Automation System

The software and hardware projects of automation systems in E-MAK asphalt plants are designed for each client separately. Customers’ needs and demands, their environmental conditions such as geographical environment, climate etc. are all taken into account when manufacturing the automation systems to operate the asphalt plant cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Automation systems are important in asphalt production plants since all the process, from the raw material to the final stage of the product, can be monitored on the SCADA screens and be kept under control. Besides, system has a comprehensive prescribing feature. After all the raw material and additives such as aggregate, filler, bitumen are carefully weighed, the exact dosage that needs to be used is determined according to the prescription. Data taken from the sensors in the field can be mirrored on the relevant screens, enabling all the calculations and measurements to be made easily.


  • Full automatic control via main PLC
  • Special PLC to ensure work safety
  • BUS connection system between main PLC and automatic control PLC systems in the field
  • Ergonomic, user friendly screen designs 
  • A monitor showing on/off states, malfunctions etc. of all electric motors, valves and lids
  • Optional, second monitor showing electrical currents and temperature values of all motors
  • High quality, heavy duty, with minimum IP55 protection standard components are used for field automation
  • Container type insulated control cabin with double glass windows, air-condition and anti-static flooring
  • Double partition control cabin separating the operator and the panels 
  • Comfortable and wide viewing angle from inside the cabin

Software and Process Control

  • Process control data recorded and monitored with SCADA software
  • Special program for reporting and graphic output
  • Continuous level sensors (radar) are used to monitor hot aggregate levels for adjusting the flow rate of corresponding cold aggregate silos automatically according to mixing rates
  • Process parameters are evaluated, monitored and automatic controls are carried out with heat monitoring thermocouples and infrared heat sensors, material level radars, capacitive sensors, motorized level sensors and level switches, air-pressure and vacuum monitoring sensors and moisture sensors
  • Support provided by remote access of E-MAK officials to the automation systems of asphalt plants installed in different parts of the world. 

Our software process control system passes the EMC testing which is arranged according to the 2004/108/EC electromagnetic compatibility directives.

You can call us to get detailed information about our asphalt plant automation system. With the automation system produced for your needs your business will run much more efficiently