Transportable Asphalt Plants






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Asphalt Plant is a facility in which the aggregate, categorized by hot bitumen into different sizes, is mixed with a mixer and prepared to be installed. According to the way of usage, it can be built as a mobile asphalt plant or stationary asphalt plant. Mobile facilities are very useful as they are transportable. On the other hand, stationary facilities are usually built to provide permanent living areas with seasonal or annual new road or repair needs. The working logic of the asphalt plant is the process of preparing the blended aggregate category to be installed by mixing it with hot bitumen at a certain temperature. 

E-MAK provides products at international quality standards for small and medium easy Transportable Asphalt Plant facilities. 
Having a difference against its competitors with its high-quality standards, E-MAK also provides its customers with a competitive edge in terms of transportable asphalt plants.  Our products maximize productivity by offering unique solutions for road constructions and repair projects.

Easy Transportation, Installation, and Maintenance

With its Transportable Asphalt Plants, E-MAK manufactures at international quality standards for small and medium production facilities. The asphalt plants, developed for these kinds of facilities by our company, are not only high-quality and durable but also they provide an important competitive edge in terms of transportation, installation, and maintenance without decreasing its asphalt production capacity with their unminimized components.

Maximum Resistance Under Challenging Conditions

E-MAK Asphalt Plant, manufactured with maximum resistance to all kinds of challenging conditions; not only has a rapid installation process but also provides high performance to small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of speed and the efficiency with its advanced technology control and control systems.

Solutions for Different Sized Asphalt Facilities

E-MAK Express Asphalt Plants were designed and produced for small and medium asphalt facilities whose production capacities are 80-320 ton/hour. E-MAK Expert Asphalt Plants were designed and produced for asphalt facilities which require medium and intense serving and also whose production capacities are 240-320 ton/hour. E-MAK Express is generally prefered for intracity or intercity road constructions which need to be moved frequently and installed in narrow spaces, and repair projects. Thanks to E-MAK's international quality standards, both Express and Expert asphalt plants are designed environmentally friendly with minimized emission values. Thanks to its easy installation possibility, both asphalt plants offer customers of different sizes high efficiency in business processes.

E-MAK is There for You

As being the lead in its field in Turkey, E-MAK always provides support for its customers after the sale in terms of both Express and Expert. Our company, which makes a difference in after-sales services with its superior service quality and qualified human resources, is proud to always stand by its customers.