Super GT

Enviromentally Friendly Up To 40% Hot Asphalt Recycling

Super GT
  • Environmentally friendly design as it can be covered easily
  • Integrated with RAP recycling tower
  • High volume hot aggregate bunker
  • Ideal design for mastic and stone mastic asphalt production
  • Heavy duty type
  • Totally enclosed mixing tower
  • Enables to stock 5 types of asphalt
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High production efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • User friendly, high tech control systems
  • Easy online access from all over the world
  • Moisture sensor allows automatic burner flame control
  • Granular, liquid and packaged additive systems
  • Able to work as twin plants
  • Transported by 20 trailers*
  • Assembled within 30 days