Mobile Asphalt Plants

Express Mobile

Express Mobile


E-MAK also presents exclusive solutions to Mobile Asphalt Plants to customers. The only thing needed for the installation area of E-MAK Mobile Asphalt Plant, which stands out with its quick commissioning feature, is a compacted solid surface. With its easy moving aspect, E-MAK Mobile Asphalt Plant helps asphalt pavement to be close to the application area. Also, thanks to mobile transportation, low logistic costs are among its advantages. E-MAK Asphalt Plants are ideal for projects like military projects which need fast transportation. Additionally, with its modular structure, E-MAK Mobile Asphalt Plant offers easy transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Best Brand at Service and Post-Sale

E-MAK is also the best at the service and post-sale processes of Mobile Asphalt Plants. By offering a cost/benefit relationship at European quality standards, E-MAK Mobile Asphalt Plants offer the best customer satisfaction.

An Expertized Product: Express Mobile

While E-MAK Express Mobile stands out with its easy installation, socket-like cable connections, fast assembly and disassembly, E-MAK Continuous and Batch-type Mobile Asphalt Plant creates a difference with its compact structure and feature of being placed on truck beds.

Fast Transportation and Installation

As mobile plants are produced according to the transportation standards, they might not reach the capacity of stationary facilities. Besides this, with its easy transportation and installation features, E-MAK Mobil Asphalt Plant offers a profound easiness to provide asphalt for areas that are distant from each other. 

Every steel used in the manufacture of asphalt plants is applied to a sandblast process (Sa2 ½). After the mechanical cut and shaping processes, sandblasted pieces are cleaned with a special solution and heated in a kiln. The pieces which will not be applied to a welding process are coated. Pieces that will be welded are banded from their welded parts (40µm) and pre-coated. All of these processes must be completed in 8 hours to prevent a re-corrosion. After the welding process, the pieces are cleaned again, heated, and coated for a second time to form an 80µm uniform coat weight. As the final layer, all pieces are painted with Industrial Top-Coat Paint which drys in the air to have a 50µm weight. The painted pieces are dried in kilns at 60°C. Our welding process has the certificates of EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2 (EXC3), and TS EN ISO 3834-2.

Ensuring the quality of the system starts with the raw material and all purchased materials are accepted at E-MAK laboratories with the yield, tensile, elongation, and chemical analysis tests stipulated by the TS EN 10025 standard. Every step of the welding process is verified with certain tests that are applied by an institution accredited via WPQRs that are settled by TS EN ISO 15614-1. WPS's are prepared by our welding engineers in the context of TS EN ISO 15609.

The welding processes are applied following the WPS's. In addition to this, every welding operatör is certificated by an institution accredited in the standards of TS EN ISO 9606-1 to maintain the security of the system. Every piece that is combined by welding gets welding bents following TS EN ISO 9692. Surfaces that will be welded are cleansed from unwanted elements such as grease, rust, paint, etc.

The cleansed pieces are annealed following EN ISO 13916 and TS EN 1011-2. The fact that the consumables for welding are tested for TS EN 13479 standards is taken into consideration. The welding process is checked by Welding Control Operator before, during, and after the process under the supervision of our Welding Engineers. The heat treatment after the welding is applied according to the EN ISO 17663 standards. Every welding process is approved after TS EN ISO 17637 Eye Testing, EN ISO 3452-1 Penetrant Control, TS EN 17638 Magnetic Particle Testing, and TS EN ISO 17640 Ultrasonic Inspection standards are applied. Any pieces which are not approved by our Welding Engineers are not allowed to pass to the next step.

Mobile Asphalt Plant can be easily commissioned. Only a compacted and solid surface is required for its installation area. It can be preferred for projects that need fast transportation such as military projects. With its wheeled modular structure, it offers easy transportation, assembly, and maintenance. 

Its mobility helps asphalt production to be done near the application area. Because of mobile transportation, low logistic costs are among its advantages. Mobile asphalt planta can only be used in mobile areas. It not suitable for stationary areas. Because the mobile asphalt plant which is manufactured according to the transportation standards cannot reach the capacity of stationary facilities. 

As E-MAK, we serve to our valuable customers with European standards. Our customer support for service and after-sale continues. In case of a problem, you can reach us immediately.