The Simge CHALLENGER, RATech 3 Angle and Green type were the focus of interest at the world’s largest machinery exhibition.




Participating in BAUMA - the world’s largest machinery exhibition held every 3 years has a stratejic importance for E-MAk and also for Turkey. This is why we prepared for BAUMA as if for the olympics, and set off for the olympics. Bursa Governor Mr. Şehabettin Harput, Chairman of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Mr. Celal Sönmez, Chairman of the Bursa Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (BUSİAD) Mr. Arif Özer and our Chairman of the Board Mr. Nezir Gencer were present at the ceremony before our 40 trucks departed in pride with speeches about E-MAK’s sense of responsibility and its huge success. The Simge CHALLENGER, RATech 3 Angle & Green Type Plant set off amongst folk dancers for Munich - BAUMA 2010.


Bauma 2010





The BAUMA exhibition is for firms with advanced and outstanding technology, with patented and unique designs, and large firms that can put up to the heavy conditions are able to participate in the BAUMA organization. The preparation was immense, the budget was huge and obligations were tiring. To exhibit the Simge Challenger, RAtech 3 Angle and Green Type as the world’s giants at BAUMA we naturally had to disassemble these plants first with great discipline and after weeks of exciting challenges these 800 tons of units were put off for BAUMA with 40 trucks to be re-assembled at arrival.




Harsh conditions were waiting for us when we arrived at Munich. Our main motivation was the thought of our rivals watching us with envy and admiration on BAUMA 2010’s opening day. 27 people were on duty during the weeks of assembly and when the assembly was accomplished a 32 meter high establishment had been installed at BAUMA.


Bauma 2010



The ceremonial opening of E-MAK’s innovative breakthrough at BAUMA 2010


E-MAK again had all eyes turned on itself at BAUMA where the world’s largest economies and technologies compete, where new and innovative designs are put to show for the first time, where not only do firms but also countries compete. At the opening of BAUMA, Munich General Consulate Mr. Ali Rıfat Köksal was with us with a very special speech carried on by an opening cocktail. At the opening cocktail the Ministry of Industry and Commerce General Manager Mr. Süfyan Emiroğlu, the Turkish Businessmen and Industrialist’s Confederation (TUSKON) Chairman Mr. Rızanur Meral and Munich Consulate General Commercial Attache Mr. Cevdet Baykal were amongst our guests. Our countries’ outstanding engineering success was exhibited at E-MAK’s stand attracted the most attention amongst 53 countries. During the opening Munich Consulate General Mr. Ali Rıfat Köksal quoted “With this flag Turkey was this exhibitions unique piece. We thank them for sharing this honourable experience”. Chairman of Benninghoven (European asphalt plant producer) Mr. Bernard Benninghoven visited our stand and had a pleasureful conversation with our chairman Mr. Nezir Gencer, accompanied by Mr. S. Emre Gencer and our German representative Mr. Ersun Görener.

Another one of our foreign visitors was chairman of the American ASTEC firm, Mr. Ben Brock and their head of international sales, Mr. Steve Claude were amazed with our production and gathered details from our chairman Mr. M. Nezir Gencer, vice chairman Mr. S. Emre Gencer and sales coordinator Mr. Ali Sevilmiş.




E-MAK’s stand at BAUMA 2010 received flattering appraisal not only from its sector’s giants and foreign bureaucrats but also from administrators of its sector’s effective publication “WorldHighways”. WorldHighways administrators and editor carried out a very pleasurable interview and had a long chat with our chairman Mr. M. Nezir Gencer over a long period of time at our stand. WorldHighways gave E-MAK a lot of importance in its publication during the last BAUMA, and stated that E-MAK will be talked about for a long period of time again this year. During this international race were sectoral economies and technologies are represented and compete, quite a lot of important publications throughout the world and from our own country were with us at our stand during E-MAK’s presentations and gathered detailed information. Nearly 400 thousand visitors came to BAUMA 2010, representatives from countries throughout the world showed great interest in our stand.

One of the most tremendously interesting decorations of the exhibition, at our stand was our “Istanbul Café” leading to the figure of the Bosporus Bridge where authorities of the Turkish General Directorate of Highways (KGM) had a souvenir photograph taken.

Authorities of the Turkish General Directorate of Highways gathered information about new technologies in asphalt production at our E-MAK stand


Bauma 2010





E-MAK’s visitors at the world’s leading construction exhibition were astounded not only with its design and production competence but with its İstanbul Café. Our variety ofvisitors had a chance to rest and try the delicious cuisines of our country at our “Istanbul Café” which also led to the figure of the Bosporus Bridge was very interesting for them.