As E-MAK, we believe that customer satisfaction is not only based on workers but also on a work-place culture. This idea creates our company strategy. We value our customers and provide them a high-quality service. We are customer-oriented and organized and pay an effort to use our sources effectively.


We help you to change spare parts of your asphalt plants, whichever brand they are, to integrate new technologies, and to transport them. In short, retrofitting means to add new technology or features to old systems. With this process, you can benefit from new technologies with lower costs, you can optimize your plants, you can help recycling and, finally, you can adapt your plant for new products.


Retrofitting Plant Applications – Bitumen Processing Equipment – can be estimated according to the increasing costs of developing an existing facility, instead of the estimated costs of a new facility. Indicating the concept of a project should clearly define what kinds of improvements will be required and how the power and steam requirements will be calculated. The location of this facility should be considered according to all factors that are unique to the project.


Plant Retrofitting – Bitumen Processing Equipment – or plant renewal means to renew old equipment, to improve durability, and to enhance plant performance. Plant renewal is to integrate new aspects to existing plants and to find new solutions for old technologies.


Our experts work professionally to provide our customers with the best service.


Most Demanded Retrofitting


Modernization of plants makes the existing plant to compete even with the most modern competitors in the market. With plant renewal, you can have fast and economic solutions.


You can reach the experts of E-MAK for your plant retrofitting applications. In this way, the parts you want to change on your plant can be renewed easily.