Bitumen Processing Equipment

E-MAK is a domestic and national company. We serve our customers with European quality standards. That is why our company policy is to offer our customers the best products with the right service. We are one of the foremost companies in Turkey, especially in terms of asphalt plants.


With our Bitumen Stocking, Bitumen Emulsion, and Modified Bitumen Facilities, E-MAK provides various products at different capacities to stock, mix and transport bitumen.


Bitumen Storage Tanks

Bitumen Tanks – Bitumen Processing Equipment – are produced with all required accessories in different capacities according to the customer’s requirement. Tanks are isolated with stone wool and covered with aluminum sheet. Therefore, they have high durability. Bitumen tanks are produced both in vertical and horizontal forms. The best bitumen tanks are manufactured by E-MAK for your requirements.

Our company offers support to the highest quality during transportation, isolation, and automation processes. For more information, you can visit the link below.


Asphalt Emulsion Systems

“E-MAK EMULSION” bitumen emulsion production facilities are suitable for 4 to 15 ton/hour capacity. Equipment used for the E-MAK EMULSION series is eco-friendly and economic and they are selected for durability and productivity. Asphalt Emulsions System – Bitumen Processing Equipment – is a system which is formed by asphalt particles that scatter in water homogenously through certain chemicals. Asphalt emulsions, which are produced on the requested application area, are produced by mixing asphalt cement - emulsifier - water - stabilizer - acid or base in certain proportions and passing through the mill. Asphalt emulsions are named differently by considering the types of emulators used in production. For more information, you can visit the link below.


Hot Oil Boilers

Hot Oil Boilers – Bitumen Processing Equipment – are used to heat the bitumen line. In the hot oil boiler, bitumen does not interact with oil, so bitumen is heated effectively and safely. E-MAK delivers the high-quality hot oil boiler – Bitumen Processing Equipment – to customers with easy transportation and installation services. Vertical, horizontal, square, and rectangle or cylinder hot oil boilers are designed as 50 m³, 53 m³, 55 m, 85 m³, 100 m³ in standard, or they can be modified on request. For more information, you can visit the link below.

Modified Bitumen Plant

Modified Bitumen Plant – Bitumen Processing Equipment – is a type of asphalt that is produced for permanent deformations on roads, thermal cracks, and for situations such as aggregate resolving from its binder. Especially in recent years, the usage of modified bitumen plants has been increased in Turkey. Now, it is used in projects as a requirement in agreements. For more information, please visit the link below.