Asphalt Recycling Systems


Today, recycling of scraped asphalt, the process of the renewal of existing roads, has become a unit that serves especially large cities and asphalt plants. Scraped asphalt is not a hazardous waste; however, as it does not have a solid form because of the bitumen in it, scraped asphalt cannot be re-used again directly. Yet, scraped asphalt can be reclaimed and reshaped with the right processes and offers an advantage to re-produce new asphalt and to gain high economic value. 


RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) materials, which are used in asphalt production according to the ratio determined by countries highway agreements, not only offer an advantage for costs but also are a necessity for environmental pollution. 

Recycling units are produced in certain sizes and aspects which are determined for our customers' orders. Using the recycled scraped asphalt in the highest amount depends on the grain size curve, or in other words, materials in asphalt in terms of volume, size, and combination. In this context, the process of using a granulator or granulating must be following the design of asphalt production through asphalt recycling. 


Asphalt Recycling Plants are produced as cold recycling plants and hot recycling plants. The purpose of cold and hot asphalt recycling systems is to reproduce an asphalt mix with the highest quality. For more information about our cold and hot asphalt recycling plants, you can visit the links below.


Asphalt Recycling Systems: RATech


RATech can do bitumen-based works by adding aggregate (crusher), bitumen, and anti-aging to the RAP material and integrate it into the asphalt plant. You can reach high recycling rates by our product, which is also supported by TUBITAK within the scope of the TEYDEB program. In this context, by reducing environmental pollution and costs, our customers can achieve great profit.


Asphalt Recycling Systems can be integrated into existing plants according to customer’s needs. On some occasions, customers can choose between hot or cold asphalt recycling systems. 


Environment and Asphalt Recycling Systems


Our asphalt recycling systems help you to be environmentally friendly and to reach low CO2 emissions and to reduce resource use. E-MAK tries to use resources as environmentally friendly as possible. You can prefer us for an eco and green-friendly asphalt production.